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A fine man whom can be trusted. It’s been over a year since I was under his care but he was correct in his assessment and advice. I’ve recommended him to many, many people. He has spent his life serving America. His dedication and honesty to his patients is a rare find these days.

Charles M.

Dr. Casey replaced both knees in 2013 and I cannot be more happy with the results. When we first met he had to earn my trust, and that he did, he worked to ensure all my concerns were thoroughly addressed and that I was completely confident in all areas of my care. The staff Rob Keller, PA and nurse Dee are just as awesome, if Dr. Casey is not available I know Rob will take great care of me. We are blessed to have such a talented group of professionals in our area; my husband has recently started having problems with his knee and of course I want him to se the "Best" Dr. David Casey!

Fredia L.

I had a total hip replacement 2 weeks ago. My pain is probably 0 most of the day and maybe 2 during active times. I went into this with a lot of anxiety because I am only 57 years old and felt this was way to young for hip replacement. What stood out to me was that Dr Casey identified through x-rays that my hip was bone on bone and he would do the surgery but he left the decision up to me. He said “you are the only one that will know when it’s time for surgery”. This gave me confidence that I had a Surgeon who was invested in the patient and not just how many surgeries he could schedule. I was also impressed that he personally came to the hospital to see me before discharge...on a Saturday!! With him having 2 PA’s and providers using hospitalist for after hour and weekend care, I was impressed!! This went a long way in reaffirming that he is invested in providing his patients with the highest quality of care possible. I am so glad that I took the time to research surgeons and ultimately chose Dr. Casey. I know today that I made the right choice. Thank you Dr. Casey and your team for taking EXCELLENT care of me!!

Crystal B.

I have been Dr. Casey's patient for a year. He and his team (Rob and Chad PA-Cs) took me from a very painful knee, through knee replacement surgery and excellent post-operative care. There is no rushing with this team, you are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed. they are encouraging and compassionate as well as the one of the nicest surgical teams I have ever met. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Casey and his team - they instill such confidence. I have been a nurse for a very long time and I can attest to the qualifications and integrity of this team. We are fortunate to have such a high quality medical team in this area.

Jacqueline B.

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Dr. Casey is wonderful. He is the most compassionate, caring professional that I have ever had. No wonder he is the “top” in his profession. I have had the best surgeon who is excellent and I have had excellent care before, during, and after my surgery.

Debbie H.

I had a complex surgery on my knee and tibia due to a fall a year ago Dr. Casey took excellent care of me this past year to oversee my healing progress Only because of his exceptional knowledge and care I am able to walk again.

Juanita Arnold Davenport.

Besides having top notch medical knowledge/skills Dr Casey is a very caring Heathcare professional with compassionate bedside manners he truly has a genuine concern for his patients well being

Jack Powitchko.

Pinehurst Surgical is an excellent facility – best of service from my Dr. David Casey as well as his PA Rob Keller and nurse Dee. You could not ask for better people – concerned about my welfare. I feel thankful that I have the association with these three folks as well as a few others that I have been referred. Gold Stars for all.

Bonnie D.

My first visit with Dr. Casey. Extremely impressed. Very professional! Not at all eager to jump in and do the surgery I am needing. He is leaving that up to me. Trying to keep me comfortable for now until I make up my mind. He was extremely informable about what I need to expect in the future. I feel very confident that I have made the right decision in choosing this man. He came highly recommended to me from another physician that I respect highly. Looking forward to great results when I do make up my mind, I feel I am in the right hands. Would recommend this doctor so far.


Had been told by other doctors I needed a new knee, Dr Casey did not agree and one year later I am playing tennis and my knee is just fine, physical therapy and cordisone injections was what he prescribed. How many surgeons would do that?


Dr. Casey is such a people person who is genuine, cares for his patients, and makes you feel he has all day to talk to you and address your concerns. Dr. Casey performed a hip replacement on me. He is such a professional and provided me excellent care, both prior, during, and after surgery. I would and DO recommend him is friends and acquaintances.


Dr. Casey has tremendous 'bedside' manners. Very personal as well as professional.


Extremely pleased with the low level of pain I experienced


Dr Casey and Rob Keller are the best!


Dr. Casey is an excellent professional in his field of practice. He is the a 'one of a kind' physician . I could not have had a better doctor anywhere.


Dr. Casey & his PA have great bedside manners.


Dr. Casey is wonderful!


He took his time explaining things about how the healing process would work


Some wonderful people.


Dr. Casey is probably the best orthopedic surgeon in the area.


I think my doctor has all of his clients needs first at hand.


I had Dr Casey since 2007 for my left and right hip replacement surgeries. I will not go to any other orthopedic surgeon.


Dr Casey visited me in the hospital more than I ever expected


American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Orthopaedic Trauma Association CASEY HIP & KNEE International Congress for Joint Reconstruction Alpha Omega Alpha American Joint Replacement registry American Board OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY DC Orthopaedic Surgery